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Health and Safety Policy


Updated: June 1, 2023

Transmission rates for all viruses become significantly greater when exercising indoors. We have seen a substantial uptick in viruses and strep this spring, and want to continue to protect the members of our BTI Dance community who are immunocompromised. 

Students are currently permitted to attend dance classes without wearing a mask unless they have recently had COVID-19 or have been directly exposed. See below for specifics.

Students need to stay home if…

• They are not feeling completely well or have ANY symptoms of illness including fever, cough, congestion, sneezing, headache, and/or nausea. They may attend class virtually, or take class later from the recording that is automatically emailed to anyone who doesn’t attend classes in person.

• They test positive for COVID-19. (See details below.)

Students need to mask up for dance class if…

• They have been exposed to COVID-19 within the past 10 days, even if they don’t have any symptoms. (Exposure is defined as being within 6 feet of an infected individual, for 15 consecutive minutes or more.) It is important to remember that one can be the most contagious for 48 hours before exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, and over 25% of Omicron cases are asymptomatic.

Masks must be worn tightly over the face, covering both mouth and nose. N95, KN95 or surgical masks are preferred. Fabric masks that have no less than two layers of tightly woven cotton are also permitted. Masks with vents, bandannas, scarfs, and neck gaiters are prohibited. Face shields or other eye protection may be worn in addition to a mask, but they cannot be worn instead of a mask.

Returning After Testing Positive for COVID-19

Student may return to the class after these three things have all happened:

1. At least 5 days have passed since their symptoms first appeared, or since they tested positive if they were asymptomatic. (Day zero is defined as the day symptoms first appeared, or the day the test was administered.)


2. They have had no fever for at least 72 hours (that is, three full days of no fever without the use of medications that reduce fevers).


3. All other symptoms have significantly improved (for example, when cough or shortness of breath is no longer occurring).

NOTE: Student will need to wear a mask to class if they are not yet at day 10.



Everyone must sanitize their hands prior to entering the studio.


Broadway Training Intensive (BTI) will continue working with all venues to ensure the safety and effectiveness of HVAC systems, including frequent circulation of fresh air. The studio location for Sunday dance classes has a new HVAC system that utilizes directed airflow optimized for an exercise facility.



BTI will update this plan and adopt additional protocols based on CDC, DOH, and the state of Colorado guidelines as needed.


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